About Accomodations

LODGINGS FOR TANZANIA SAFARI TOURS is a matter of choice… your choice. Based on your budget and desires, we can offer you accommodation and meals ranging from exclusive luxury to camping out in a national park. The lodgings for select safaris offered by Tanzania Safaris are mainly predetermined, affording our clients the comforts needed to kick back and relax after a full day of exploring the wide open plains and watercourses in search of wildlife in its natural habitat. Illustrated below are examples of the lodgings available to you while on a Tanzania safari tours… Get more information about the 50 spins no deposit.

Execlusive (First Class/VIP)

This level of accommodation provides exceptional facilities and services in terms of quality of guestrooms, baths and common areas. As part of the stay, these lodgings typically provide laundry services as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


These accommodations offer larger rooms and/or tents with additional furniture, coordinated furnishings, better quality mattresses and linens, and extra amenities in the washrooms. Lodgings in this category are rated between 4 and 5 stars.

Value Plus

These accommodations equate to a ‘mid-range’ accommodation, but exceeds standard levels in quality of mattresses, bed liners, floor/window/wall coverings, and in the provisions of area lighting and additional furnishings.In this category are rated between 3.5 and 4 stars


This level of accommodation provides clean and well-maintained lodging along with providing the necessary amenities for an enjoyable stay. Amenities including a private room with ensuite washroom/bathroom, towels, and a good bed with clean linen and a duvet. In this category are rated between 3 and 3.5 stars.

Adventure Camping

For our camping accommodations, we use/stay at public campsites that are close to or are inside the national parks being visited. Our large walk-in tents are 9′ x 8′ with a spacious ceiling height of 6′ to provide walk-around comfort. Each tent comes with: • sturdy twin cots, one on each sides (solo travelers have a tent to themselves) • 3′ x 6′ bed, mattresses that are 3~4″ in thickness • bed sheets (replaced with clean ones every second night), blankets, and one pillow for each bed Regardless of your lodgings choice, Tanzania Safaris is confident that your accommodation and meals will meet or exceed your expectations!